Crea sito

 is an Italian illustrator and visual artist.

She undertook formal training in Graphic Design and Print Making at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan).
She prefers to work with traditional media and she oftens uses a pointillism technique for the rendering within her ink illustrations, and material acrylic on wood.
Since 2010 she has exhibited her work in multiple reputable galleries across Europe.



April 2019: "III Bienal de Arte - Barcelona" - MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art), International Group Exhibition

March/April 2019: "MiniPrintPaese - Esposizione Internazionale di Grafica d’Arte”, Group Exhibition

February/June 2019: "Premio Eccellenza Europea delle Arti”, Group Video Exhibition
1. ROMA - PALAZZO VELLI; 27 February/2 March 2019
2. BARCELONA - MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art); 5/7 April 2019
3. PARIS - THUILLIER GALLERY; 15/27 June 2019

December 2018: "Pictoria vol.2 - The Best Contemporary Illustrators WorldWide”, Editor: Capsules Book - Crooks Creative Industries (Australia)

November 2018: "International Biennal of Flanders" - Oud Sint Jan Museum (Bruges, Belgium), International Group Exhibition

September 2018: "VIII Biennale Internazionale a Monte - Carlo" - Hotel Metropole (Monte - Carlo), International Group Exhibition

August 2018: “ArtisticaMente” n.2, Art catalogue
Editor: Pagine
Participation with: "Acque Serene", "Barriera Corallina", "Farfalle in Acqua", "Le onde di Giona", "Moonlight", "Nuove Terre", "Oceano Pacifico"

June/July 2018: "Artexpo Summer Rome" - Domus Romana Art Gallery - Rome (Italy), Group Exhibition

May/June 2018: ArtOnTheRoad - RockOnTheRoad - Desio (MB) Italy, Personal Exhibition

April 2018: "Water Forms" - Art Studio Loreta Larkina - Venice (Italy), Group Exhibition

March/April 2018: "Crazy March" - Galleria Spazioporpora - Milan (Italy), Group Exhibition

February/March 2018: “Le Donne nell'Arte” - Galleria Malinpensa - Turin (Italy), Group Exhibition

February 2018: “Verità e Menzogna – L'Arte contemporanea da Marc Chagall a Oggi”, CAC (collana arte contemporanea)
Author: Arpinè Sevagian
Participation with the painting "Tempesta"

January 2018: ArtOnTheRoad - RockOnTheRoad - Desio (MB) Italy, Personal Exhibition

May 2017: The Reality-Action. Galleria Immagini Spazio Arte – Cremona (Italy), Group Exhibition

October 2016: Contemporary Artists at Louvre – Paris (France), Group Video Exhibition

May 2015: Follow the White Rabbit – Cormano (Italy),, Group Exhibition

2014 – 2015: Mondonovo Project, II Edition – Venice (Italy)
Winner of the competition organized by the screen printing workshop “Fallani Venezia”

December 2013: Exhibition of emerging artists - Castel San Giovanni (Italy) , Group Exhibition

December 2013: DaVerso Project – Milan (Italy), Exhibition at The Braidense National Library

January 2013: C'era una volta – Florence (Italy), Group Exhibition

2012: Calenda 2012, Participation with an illustration of the month "June"

March 2012: International Prize of painting, graphics and design – Arte Città Amica, Centro Artistico Culturale – Turin (Italy), Certificate of attendance issued by Regione Piemonte

February 2012: Exhibition on surreal and fantastic – Udine (Italy), Group Exhibition

November 2011: Exhibition of small format – Naples (Italy), Group Exhibition

April 2011: Giorni d'Arte – Carrara (Italy), Group Exhibition

October 2011: Vernice ART FAIR – Forlì (Italy),,Group Exhibition

December 2010: Item – Milan (Italy), Group Exhibition

December 2010: Laboratorio Sperimentale di Arti visive – Milan (Italy), Group Exhibition

November 2010: Exhibition of Contemporary Art – Forlì (Italy), Group Exhibition

October 2010: Galleria Spazio Immagini – Cremona (Italy), Group Exhibition

She is the author of "Dinamiche della Forma", an essay about art and philosophy, promoted by Meligrana Editore. 

You can find it here: